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We are Bluesea, and gaming business is our passion

With years of unparalleled success, nobody understands gaming business in emerging and "pre-regulated" markets better than us. We are a consultancy firm specialised in gaming industry in Asia and emerging markets globally.

Bluesea is currently employed as "Emerging markets and internet gaming experts" to a number of international licensed gaming operations. Our team is a veteran of the emerging markets gaming scenario, having followed the development of the most complex and exiting markets globally for the past two decades.

Our success is built on unrivalled betting expertise combined with strict ethics and outstanding customer relations.


Bluesea offers a vast range of services to make sure you stay ahead of the game.

With professionals with vast experience, we can get your operations "hit the ground running" for every market. All our teams are based "on the ground". We have a professional world-wide network, along with several mobile units which can give quick response to any demand.


Market research and assessments, business intelligence reports, business planning, market entry plans, business plan preparation and execution, operational reviews.

Business development and Operations

Commercial strategy, introduction and negotiation of potential deals and partnerships, gambling jurisdiction selection, supplier selection, B2B software partnerships.

Strategic consultancy

Commercial and corporate strategy advice, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, investments, due diligence, IPOs, mediation with Governments and regulatory bodies.


We are a successful team striving to win and our team spirit is equal to none.

Over the past ten years we've established ourselves as clear market leader while continuing to deepen our understanding of the markets to stay ahead of an increasingly competitive industry.

Our team is made of tech savvy and highly experienced international business analysts with hands on knowledge of pre-regulated markets globally.

We have advised many of the top European and Asian gaming companies on strategy, marketing and technology related projects. Our team also has a great experience mediating with governments/ regulatory bodies/ policy advocacy groups and relevant sources of influence in markets with ambiguous regulatory scenarios.

We’re proud of our team and continue to search for exceptional talent to help us stay ahead of the game.

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